Silly Street App pitch  is an app project that aimed to convert Silly Streets physical board game into a digital experience for children where they could carry it around with them and play at all times and include others in the process.

The goal of the project was to connect generations of all ages by experimenting with play and forging that one thing that connects us all and that is FUN. By converting a physical board-game into a digital one we found we were able to bridge the gap between generations and invite a shared experience to not only children but adults as well.


We tested the board-game out with a variety of people ranging from the ages of 5 to 25 and gained insights from their interactions with the boardgames.We recorded their conversations and interactions with each other and asked several questions to better understand the needs of the users.


Once we gathered our research and affinitized out data and gained our insights into a use journey we crafted the most simplest of prototypes to test the user flow. Quick low fi sketches were made of the app and put into InVision for further testing.


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Role: Art Direction,Primary Research, Low Fi Prototype
Stephan Lung-Design, User Journey
Sammy Gilfillan- Design, User Journeys, Low Fi Prototype
Grace Millar-Design,Secondary Research
Sound Design:Ashton Faydenko & Michael Britt
Photography: Maegan Ayn
Service Design: Nic Fasoli
Animation: Elaine Seward
Professor: Bethany Armstrong